Tokyo Tower 東京タワー

2012 08月 29日

Just after strolling by at the Zojoji temple surroundings I went to Tokyo Tower and ascended by lift to the main observatory at 150 meters. The early evening atmosphere was tremendous with the lights of the city changing all the time. I walked several times around the observatory enjoying a 360 degree circumference view of the city.

With 333 meters, Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) is 13 meters taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It was completed in the year 1958 as a symbol for Japan’s rebirth as a major economic power, and serves as a television and radio broadcast antenna and tourist attraction.

The Tokyo Skytree, is almost twice as tall and has got new broadcast antennas. it was opened in May 2012 in northern Tokyo.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the names of the landmarks on the pictures. Can you make out ?

I recommend to visit


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